Mission: To create Beautiful Websites that Convert and Grow.
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Who are we?

“KB” aka Kyle Benton is KB Web Branding. He started designing websites as a hobby in 1999, because he was amazed that he could publish something on the World Wide Web that anyone with a computer and internet could see. KB taught himself how to code and design, because he wanted it to look cool, but never expected to make a career out of it. He made his first commercial website in 2009 for Krause Springs, and pursued web design full time in November 2011.

Prior to making the web a more beautiful place, he attended college at The University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 2009. His minor was in Business and between managing a local Austin restaurant and taking several semesters of classes, he learned to speak Spanish. ¿Necesita un página web en español?

After starting KB Web Branding, KB has been mentored by two of the greatest influences of his life, his Mother and Father. They have successfully run their family business for over 25 years, and provide invaluable lessons, support and inspiration to ensure KB Web Branding is successful.

What are we?

We are a website design and branding company, based out of Austin, TX, helping small businesses and organizations with everything from designing a logo to creating & managing their entire online presence. Currently working from an office located in Round Rock as a freelance designer, KB Web Branding can provide you with premium quality services at a better value.


To create beautiful websites that Convert and Grow


To make the internet more beautiful, one website at a time

Why choose us?


Working as a freelance designer from a home office, KB can provide a far superior value than his competitors. He has no overhead with an office space nor any expenses that come with running a larger firm. He doesn’t base his prices on $100+/hour like other design firms do. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.


We deliver a product much more superior in quality than competitors in our price range, and rival those of higher end design firms. We utilize feature rich premium WordPress templates, optimized for speed and customizability, which allow for faster project turnaround.

It’s Personal

You will be working directly with KB from start to finish, and even after the project is complete with ongoing maintenance and support. He is your account manager, designer, consultant, strategist, tech guru and, most of all, partner. Helping your business grow is automatically reciprocal to helping grow KB Web Branding. Let’s grow together!


We take pride in the work that we produce and will only be satisfied with something that is both visually appealing and functions properly. But it doesn’t stop there. Your website is worthless if no one can find it and doesn’t convert visitors into customers. That’s why we design our websites using the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices and utilize large visuals and calls to action. As long as you want your business to keep growing, we’ll make sure we consider and utilize strategies that work.

Long Term

While we are fully capable of designing a website and handing over the keys once finished, we prefer to stay on board to manage and maintain your website. Before beginning any project we perform tons of research, because each website we make is usually in a different industry. We like to utilize that newly gained knowledge of your business and particular industry to come up with ideas to help you grow.


Once we commit to you and your business, and you have committed to us, we are loyal. Certain industries have tons of competition, and we won’t partner with a business that will be in direct competition as an already existing partner. To us, that’s like running the campaigns for both democratic and republican candidates in the same election. Sure, one will win, but one will lose. We don’t form partnerships just to lose.

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