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The Belgian Waffle Co. was a new food truck concept that opened in Austin, TX March 2012. The Belgian owners were looking for help launching their mobile eatery, wanting to preserve their Belgian culture while doing so. I helped them by designing a logo, business cards, website and menus, as well as helping them set up their payment system and building their social media presence.

Their waffle dough is as authentic as the owners, coming directly from Belgium. The owners are currently seeking a brick and mortar location in the Dallas, TX area, and are no longer active on the streets. This was a fun project, which helped launch KB Web Branding, and we look forward to helping The Belgian Waffle Company any way we can in the future.

Project Info
The Belgian Waffle Co.
Design and establish new food truck branding with logo, website, photography, business cards & social media
Photoshop, Photography, Website Design, WordPress, Social Media
Completion Date:
March 26, 2012
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